Tahiti and Moorea

The locals and the culture are unparalleled on these two beautiful South Pacific Islands. Live like a local and see the sun rise over Tahiti while you row an outrigger canoe past Sailing Yachts and Super Yachts; dance the traditional ‘ote’a like no one is watching and savor the finest French influenced island cuisine. If you still need a little more action; cycle your way around Moorea, stopping only to catch a surf break and browse the talented local jeweler’s for the beautiful black pearls.

The Inside Passage

A gateway to nature, a ticket to adventure. Whales, sea lions, bears, otters and eagles are just some of the wildlife you may see while cruising the passage. Discover and experience Alaska’s Native American heritage as you stroll the charming coastal towns. Fly in on a seaplane, fish for Salmon, SUP or kayak the shorelines and fjords. Icebergs and glaciers, forests and waterfalls, the scenery is awe inspiring. This is one tailored experience guaranteed to leave an impression.

Cocos Island

342 miles due west of Costa Rica, you will discover Cocos Island National Park. On arrival, be prepared to be blown away by the sheer untamed beauty of the Island as you witness waterfalls cascading off the cliffs and mountain peaks covered in lush foliage high above you. From land to sea Cocos is unique. The currents surrounding the Island brings with them a breathtaking array of ocean life – if diving with hammerheads and tuna is on your bucket list, this is the place to do it. Hiking over the Island, splashing in streams, taking a dive in a submarine and learning about this unique haven is what will make this adventure unforgettable.

British Virgin Islands

The Caves. The Baths. The Indians. All spots you will not want to miss during your escape to the Virgin Islands. There is no doubt that this adventure calls for a yacht, and yes you may not have the anchorage entirely to yourself, but there is a reason we all flock here during the winter. Snorkeling, swimming, fishing, diving, powder sand beaches, a unique floating bar and lively beach bars – ready to welcome your family, afternoon or evening. With a perfectly warm and tropical temperature all year long you can fill every day with action and adventure or just relax and enjoy the serenity with a Painkiller – the famous locally created cocktail.