Helsinki- a beautiful Finnish city surrounded by majestic woodland. A few days there, and I was in love. After all, how could you not be? Here are some of my favorite visit spots and things to do in this stunning city.


1. Lunch and Music al Fresco

During the summer, Helsinki hosts many outdoor festivals in parks all over the city. The Alppipuiston Kansanjuhla is a music festival with live music all day and into the evening. Guests, including families, bring their own lunch, beverages and blankets and enjoy a day in the sun with light acoustic family music. Towards the night, the stage has electronic and progressive rock music.

2. Blueberries

In the Sipoonkorpi National Park, blueberries are abundant in late summer and visitors can pick their fill. The park offers a pleasant walk in the woods, which is fun for adults and children, and they can pick and eat blueberries along the way. It is recommended to collect as many as possible and take them home or back to the hotel and eat them with fresh milk and sugar. It is one of the most tasty (and cost effective) meals you will ever have!

This nature reserve is one of the few forests that is near the metropolis area. It is the habitat for about 80 endangered and threatened species. There is also heritage landscape and forests on the northeastern edge with traditional Finnish farms.

3. The Design Museum

Scandinavia is famous for its definitive contemporary design. The Design Museum offers both temporary as well as permanent exhibits that portray the development of the country?s iconic style. There are attendants in each area of the museum who will explain the exhibits and give insight into the style and design of the clean lines and austere beauty of Finland. To take the experience one step further, visitors can see the cutting edge Kiasma modern art gallery. There are audio guides that make the experience fantastic.

4. Children’s Town

The Sederholm House in downtown Helsinki is the oldest building in the area. It was built in 1757 and today is dedicated to children. It offers an interactive historical experience for adults and children of all ages. There are workshops and boutiques that are recreated from 18th century Helsinki where children can play as well as a 1930s primary school and a family home from the 1970s.

In the basement of the house, children can work with a cobbler, unload a trading vessel, and run the boutique. There is a vast array of doll houses where children can learn about the lives, work, hobbies and families from the past. Upstairs is grandma and grandpa’s home with games, furniture and other household items that children can touch and enjoy. There are volunteer grandmas and grandpas to play with the children and show them around the house.

This is an extension of the Helsinki City Museum and is also free.

5. Seurasaari Open Air Museum

It is just a short bus ride to a bridge where visitors can walk to an island that offers a fun exhibit for adults and children. The open air Seurasaari Museum is a collection of ancient Finnish houses from all parts of the country, reconstructed for visitors to experience. During the summer there are guides in costumes who are practicing the old crafts. There is a café on the hill in the center of the island.