Located in Austria is the land of Salzburg. It’s a destination that is visited by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world every year. Salzburg provides visitors with spectacular views of nature, as well as a buildings and museums designed to preserve its unique history. There are at least five awesome things people should try and see when in Salzburg. If they don’t see them during their first visit, they will probably be glad to return and see the rest of them.

Let’s Start With Salzburg Cathedral

This is one of the main sights in Salzburg that attracts visitors. The Salzburg Cathedral is known for its stunning exterior, and the beauty of its interior. It has a 4,000 pipe organ, as well as exquisitely painted dome ceilings. The cathedral also has an impressive statue of the Virgin Mary couple of meters in front of the Cathedral on the Cathedral Square,  made during the 18th century, with figures to the side that portrays the devil and angels. There is a statue beneath the arches on the north called The cardinal,which was done by Giacomo Manzu. The Salzburg Cathedral is believed to have been built on land once used for sacrifices and rituals during the Roman and Celtic times.

The Residence and Birthplace of Mozart

This is another one of the top attractions in all of Salzburg. The place where Mozart was born is situated near Salzburg University and Salzburg Palace. Many fans of Mozart visit this place, as it provides the opportunity to stand inside the room where Mozart was born on January 27, 1756. Mozart’s family lived in the house from 1747 until 1773.

Visitors are also able to see historic instruments, as well as documents and other memorabilia associated with the famous composer. There are several portraits of Mozart, and visitors can view actual correspondence from the Mozart family. The second floor is dedicated to showing items from Mozart in the theater. There are small stages that show how well Mozart’s operas were received. The items on display are circulated annually.


Salzburg Toy Museum- Do you Like Old School Toys?

Anyone who loves toys will love this museum. It provides visitors with the opportunity to see one of the biggest collections of toys located in Austria. This museum attracts toy collectors, as well as adults traveling with children. People easily spend hours looking at things like the old teddy bear collection and charming wooden dolls. It has been designed to provide children with a chance to play with toys. If children visiting the Salzburg Toy Museum are observant, they will be able to see a small family of gnomes called Fidis, who are concealed within the showcases and toys. The museum also has microscopic toys that can only be seen by using a magnifying glass, a maze through giant mirrored walls, a playroom designed for shadows and more.


Salzburg Fortress-A Must See

This Fortress has been around since the 11th century, and is one of the finest preserved forts in all of Europe. Visitors are able to see year round the details of what life was like for inhabitants of this medieval fortress. Exploring the fort can reveal such sites as the Golden Chamber, and the medieval prince’s sleeping quarters, which is considered rather extravagant for the time. In the 15th and 16th centuries Salzburg was part of the Hungarian War. The archbishops of the time decided to take up residence within the fortress, and deal with the conflict from there.
One of the best places to visit when finished exploring the fortress grounds is the Fortress Museum. The romantic courtyard, as well as the bastions is often used during the year for events such as the Fortress Concerts.


Monchsberg- My Favorite Place

Monchsberg is a place where people like to go and admire the beautiful views of Salzburg Castle, and the old town portion of Salzburg. It’s a place where Salzburg’s Museum of Modern Art is located. It is a place for the collection and exhibition of contemporary art. And the trek up to Monchsberg is also made easy by an elevator called “Monchsbergaufzug” inside the mountain which leads directly to the Museum of Modern Art. The City pass you mentioned is called “Salzburg Card.

The trek to the summit is not very difficult, and passes beautiful forests and many stunning homes. Anyone who doesn’t want to walk to the summit can take a railway to the top  by an elevator called “Monchsbergaufzug” inside the mountain which leads directly to the Museum of Modern Art. You will need the City pass  called “Salzburg Card” for this one.   The impressive view from the summit is a place that has inspired various artists including painters, writers and more.
These are just a few of the places that I visited and have come to love during my time in Salzburg. I highly recommend using these places as starting points in your Salzburg travel. See you in the Alps!

Oh, I almost forgot.


Things to eat in Salzburg:

1. Bosna Sausage (there is a small one called Kleine Bosna and a bigger one called Große Bosna)

2. Sachertorte . Well, if you haven’t heard about Sacher please Google it, this is probably the most famous cake in the world.

3. Salzburger Nockerl- This is the kind of desert that you can find only here. The most delicious one should be found  at several restaurants such as: Stiftskeller St. Peter’s, Bärenwirt, Stadtkrug, Goldene Ente, the restaurants of Hotel Sacher, the restaurants of Hotel Goldener Hirsch…

4. Mozartkugeln- Yummy! Wait, this one should be @ the 1st place:)


Liquids to drink in Salzburg:

1. Beer,Beer and more Beer

2. If you prefer Wine you should try Spritzer…That’s a refreshing drink and it is just great during the hot summer days.

3. Red Bull. Well, of course Red Bull, this is the hometown of Red Bull