There really is a difference between economy airplane seats and first class, and therefore, when choosing a ticket of one or another cost, it is important to look into all the nuances and details in order to understand what are you getting for your money.

Most people opt for the economy class, its second name is tourist. On the one hand, the conditions are quite good, however, sometimes, under a combination of circumstances, you understand that it would be better if there was a first class, where there is more than one TV per row and there is a lot of legroom.

You will find out what your money is spent on when buying tickets for different classes. It is noteworthy that premium economy and just economy also have fundamental differences. The quantity and quality of bonuses is directly dependent on the chosen flight, airline company you are flying with and flight duration.

Economy class

Surely many people know a lot about this class, but their distinctive features also take place here. For example, a chair necessarily has a width of 42 cm to 84 cm, you can comfortably accommodate. The distance between the backs of two seats in the same line is from 71 cm to 86 cm. Of course, you might think that these indicators are not so important, but in practice they really affect the level of convenience, because the you often spend several hours in a row, and space is important when taking longer flights. Do not forget about such components of a comfortable flight as Wi-Fi, sockets, drinks, treats, gift sets, entertainment, TV screen quality, service level.

Air New Zealand offers Skycouch service , the literal translation is “sofa in the sky” . There are armchairs that fold out into a bed, allowing you to enjoy the deepest sleep. Such a “bed” can easily accommodate two adult passengers. Buying a “sleeping” place at half price is available to people who fly together, very profitable!

Premium economy class

The second name of this class is a special main class. In general, different airlines use their own terms, but the essence is always the same. Compared to economy class, premium economy offers some nice bonuses but the cost, of course, is higher, although cheaper than in the case of a business class. The legs do not feel constrained and the food is tastier and more refined. A variety of assortment of offered treats and the availability of additional drinks are also bonuses of the class in question. You can also bring in more carry-on baggage. Some airlines have gone further and offer a separate toilet, sockets, legroom measuring 97 cm, a comfortable chair 53 cm wide. Passengers can use the right to priority landing, treat themselves to a glass before takeoff. It’s hard to believe, but true.

It is noteworthy that the concept of this class has existed since 1992, its author is Virgin Atlantic .

Business Class

A completely different level of service and comfort is offered by business class, after which it will no longer be possible to feel the full convenience in premium economy, for this it is enough to make only one flight! Takeoff is preceded by serving drinks in beautiful glasses, snacks are placed on porcelain dishes, always with cutlery. Each chair easily turns into a cozy bed, taking a horizontal position. Passenger seats have a width of 86 cm, and as much as 220 cm are provided for the legs.

There are companies that offer a transfer service from home to the airport for those customers who are inconvenient to get to because of the long distance. Often a pass is issued to the lounge, where you can eat and drink without any limitaions. For example, the Emirates airline provides a whole bar, representing a real bar counter of an elegant semicircular shape, and no folding tables! There is a huge variety of different bottles and everything you might need in the process of preparing snacks and cocktails. Often, first-class lovers refuse the usual conditions, preferring an equally worthy alternative, called business class.

Interestingly, the previously existing Concorde made it possible to get from Paris to New York in 2 hours and 52 minutes. If the plane took off at noon, then it would be at its destination in the morning of the same day.

First class

The most expensive option is usually chosen by celebrities and stars who can afford it. Passengers relax not just in armchairs, but in luxurious rooms with queen-sized beds served by private butlers. The chefs of Michelin restaurants act as developers of the menu. The armchairs boast a width of 81 cm, as much as 234 cm are left for the legs. The level of service is at its best. Sometimes it may seem that the attendants are able to anticipate desires or read minds.

The Emirates A380 offers a couple of bathrooms, including heated floors. The most luxurious room on board Etihad ‘s A380 includes 3 rooms – a bathroom with shower, a bedroom with a comfortable double bed and a luxurious living room.

Now, after reading, you can purchase an economy class ticket with a clear conscience.